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The Official Website of Special Olympics Redditch
 Year-round sports training and competition for people with learning disabilities
Registered Charity 800329
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Results 2006
Event Report17/11/2006 - Jersey Gymnastics
Event Report10/09/2006 - Redditch Aquathon Team Results
Event Report10/09/2006 - Redditch Aquathon Local Results
Event Report15/07/2006 - City of Birmingham Athletics
Event Report11/06/2006 - Reading Swimming Gala
Event Report10/06/2006 - East Midlands Athletics
Event Report03/06/2006 - West Midlands Athletics Competition - All Teams
Event Report03/06/2006 - West Midlands Athletics Competition
Event Report25/05/2006 - GB National Gymnastics - Results
Event Report25/05/2006 - GB National Gymnastics - Review
Event Report20/05/2006 - West Midlands Ability Counts Festival
Event Report13/05/2006 - West Midlands Soccer Tournament
Event Report13/05/2006 - West Midlands 5 A Side Soccer Tournament
Event Report06/05/2006 - City Of Birmingham Basket Ball Competition
Event Report06/05/2006 - St Albans Eastern Regional Gala
Event Report30/04/2006 - Aquathlon Pilot Competition
Event Report23/04/2006 - West Mids Gymnastics Competition- Results
Event Report23/04/2006 - West Mids Gymnastics Competition - Review
Event Report01/04/2006 - Enfield Swimming Gala
Event Report12/03/2006 - WMAGA Floor & Vault Championships
Event Report05/03/2006 - DSE National Junior Swimming
Event Report05/03/2006 - BBC Your Game Soccer
Event Report05/02/2006 - Ability Football Festival
Event Report28/01/2006 - Major Trophy Winners - Results
Event Report28/01/2006 - Major Trophy Winners - Review

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